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Portumna to Australia immigration 1800's. People of Portumna, co. Galway, Ireland

Portumna to Australia immigration 1800’s.

Botany Bay is just south of Sydney Harbour and acts as Sydney’s industrial port. Botany Bay was found unsuitable for settlement in 1788 so the First Fleet rowed north to Port Jackson (aka Sydney Harbour) and settled on a fresh water stream, which they named Sydney Cove. Governor Phillip called the site Sydney Cove in honour of Lord Sydney, the Secretary of State for the colonies. So began Sydney (Cove dropping from the name) with 568 male and 191 female convicts and 13 children; 206 marines with 26 wives and 13 children; and 20 officials. It now has a population of well over 4 million. From about 1800 onward, when the first Irish political prisoners landed, they were kept in either Paramatta, in West Sydney, or Botany Bay.

Botany Bay, Ireland and the penal colonies are forever linked together in myth, legend and song. The aboriginal people were the earliest inhabitants of the Botany Bay area. They set up camps along the banks of the Cooks River and on the shores of Botany Bay, hunting, fishing and gathering food. Trees and plants provided the raw material for food, medicine, implements and weapons. It was discovered by Captain James Cook on April 29th, 1770 – the first European to land on the east coast of Australia. He named it Stingray Harbour. Two of his companions, Daniel Solander and Joseph Banks, were botanists, and they were entranced by the number of flowers blooming in the area. Banks persuaded Cook to change its name to Botany Bay. Their vivid impressions were responsible for the projected location there of the convict establishment under Captain Arthur Phillip of the Royal Navy in 1788.

Botany Bay is now a modern municipal city, with a population of 300,000. Its population would have been only about 3,000 in the early 1800’s, mostly political prisoners and a few platoons of Redcoats. Sydney Airport’s third runway juts onto the bay. A monument on the south shore marks the site of Cook’s landing.

Immigration from Portumna to Australia, New South Wales & Queensland from 1828 to 1866

Surname/First————Rschr—Year–Age——Native Place—-Parents-names & locations—-Relations in the colony—–Ship info—Other

BROOKS Honor 1841 25 Portumna Patrick / Mary NOLAN Mother is dead.Bap certified. Friends=Mary Govan & Mary Ann McAvonea. John Renwick

CADDIN Hugh 1838 18 Portumna Caro & Ann CADDIN Enniskillen. Sis = Jane C. & Helen Scales on — Ship = Coromandel 4 Jun 20

CADDIN Jane 1838 20 Portumna Caro & Ann CADDIN Enniskillen. Bro = Hugh & Sis=Helen Scales on Ship = Coromandel

CAHILL Edward 1862 21 Portumna xx xx xx Ship = Ocean Empress

CALLANAN Anne 1845 16 Kiltormer Michael / Mary xx – both dead. Known in Laurencetown, Employed at Portumna. Ship = Herald

CAMERON alias* Catherine 1856 19 Portumna John / Kate xx M other dead ; Father at Portumna. xx *alias CAMPBELL Ship = Kate

CAMPBELL Catherine 1841 21 Portumna John / Mary xx – both dead. Baptism certified. Known to Connor Pelly. Ship John Renwick

CARROLL Ann 1853 27 Ballinakill John / Kate xx – Father dead; Mother lives at Portumna. Sister = Judith on board.
Ship = Australia

CARROLL Judith 1853 25 Ballinakill John / Kate xx – Father dead; Mother lives at Portumna. Sister = Ann on board. Ship
= Australia

CLARK John 1842 7 xx Portumna ? William / Winifred HIGISON On board this ship. xx Ship = Agnes Ewing

CLARK Sarah 1842 8 xx Portumna ? William / Winifred HIGISON On board this ship. xx Ship = Agnes Ewing

CLARK William 1842 35 Portumna John / Catherine xx – father a farmer Baptism certified ,Protestant. Wife = Winifred,27 & 2 chn on board. Ship = Agnes Ewing

CLARK Winifred 1842 27 Portumna John HIGISON / Ann xx Father is a farmer. Husb = William,35 & 2 chn on bd. A Mary Ann,2 was also named in cert. Agnes Ewing R/C.

CLARKE Anne 1842 26 Portumna John / Catherine xx Father is a farmer. Protestant. Ship = Agnes Ewing

CLARKE Maria 1841 16 Portumna John / Eliza xx xx Bap cert – protestant. Dressmaker,Known-Richard Clarke. Ship
Earl Grey

DIAMOND Mary 1855 25 Portumna Hugh / Mary xx Both dead. xx Paid 1 pound. Ship = Nepaul

DONELAN John 1852 49 Portumna John / Mary xx – both dead. Wife=Ellen,44 & 5 chn on bd. Long notes re land ownership. Ship Agincourt

DOWD Elizabeth 1849 27 Portumna William DOWD / Bridget xx Both dead. Sister = Celia TULLY on board. Ship = John Bright

DOWD Sarah 1849 24 Portumna William / Bridget xx Both dead. Has 2 sisters = Elizabeth Dowd & Celia TULLY,per ‘Emigrant’. Ship = Scotia

ENNIS Anne 1854 24 Portumna? owna? Thomas / Anne xx – Father dead; Mother at Newbridge,Wicklow xx Ship = Patrician

HALLORAN Anne 1860 22 Portumna Patrick / Bridget xx Father at Birkenhead,England xx Paid 10/- Ship = Tudor

HANRAHAN Peter 1842 24 Portumna Roger / Margaret xx father a farmer. Baptism certified. Known in Guirane. Ship Agnes Ewing

HOLAHAN Mary 1850 21 Portumna Edward GEOGHEGAN / Cath. xx Both dead. Husband = William,30 on board. Ship = Maria

HOWARD Sarah 1841 20 Portumna Thomas / Catherine xx Father dead,was a carpenter. xx Ship = Pearl

MADDEN Bridget 1842 22 Portumna (not given) From Patrooney ? xx xx Ship = Agnes Ewing

MAHER Maria 1850 14 Portumna James / Margaret xx Both dead. xx Ship = Thomas Arbuthnot

MANION Mary 1866 19 Portumna Thomas/ Mary – both dead. xx Cous= Bridget M.,Sussex St, Sydney Ship = Racehorse

McDONNELL Alexander 1841 21 Portumna Martin / Ann KELLY Father is a farmer. Protestant ,known to Rev John Armstrong.
Says born 16 Apr. Ship = Susan

MORAN Bridget 1842 20 Portumna (not given) From Patrooney ? xx Baptism certified. Ship = Agnes Ewing

PAGE Anthony 1840 29 Galway Daniel (a farmer) / Judy xx Known in Portumna. Bap cert by Revd Armstrong. Ship = Alfred xx

QUINN Margaret 1841 14 Portumna (not given) xx Bapt – 13 Jan 1826 Known to John McEvoy. Ship = Fairlie

SCALES Helen 1838 24 Portumna Caro & Ann CADDIN Enniskillen. {& husband = Henry ,27 of Clare + NO chn} Ship = Coromandel 25 Sep 14

SWEENEY Ellen 1841 16 Portumna (not given) xx Known to Samuel Davis. Ship = Fairlie

TRACEY Mary 1842 17 Portumna (not given) xx Baptism certified at Eyrecourt. Ship = Agnes Ewing

TULLY Celia 1849 28 Portumna William DOWD / Bridget xx Both dead. Husband =Jeremiah,38 & 2chn on bd. Ship = John Bright Sis=Elizabeth Dowd on bd.

TULLY Francis 1849 5 Portumna Jeremiah / Celia DOWD On board this ship. xx Ship = John Bright

TULLY Mary 1849 3 Portumna Jeremiah / Celia DOWD On board this ship. xx Ship = John Bright

BRODERICK Margaret 1855 18 Portumna Patrick / Margaret xx Father dead; Mother at Portumna. Bro-in- law=James Quinn,a messenger for * Ship = Golden Era *branch Bank of NSW at Moreton Bay.